About Sierra Bat Exclusion

Sierra Bat Exclusion has solved thousands of bat problems and our service is guaranteed to help you! We perform bat removals and bat exclusions in most counties across California (including, but not limited to: Tuolumne county, Calaveras County, Amador County, Plumas County, El Dorado County, Napa County, San Joaquin County, Tulare County).

We have nearly 50 years of experience safely removing bats. We have the expertise on repairing bat damage!  As bat experts, we have devoted much time to the study of bats.

During the last four plus decades, we have safely excluded colonies ranging from a few dozen to several thousand; from high rises, schools, warehouse buildings, electrical plants, apartments and single-family homes to hospitals.  All of this has been done without trapping, killing, or harming bats.